The tradition of rum production in Guyana goes a long way back, and Guyana is known for producing some of the world's best rums. For more than 300 years, rums have been produced in Guyana, and the Diamond Distillery can show a great collection of old and unique rum stills, as a large part of the country's unique rum heritage. This heritage has enabled the distillery to offer a wide range of rums of the highest quality.  Quality of rum that covers different aged rums, styles and taste variations - a wide range of rums, also shown in Alta Gama Rum. Alta Gama Rum Range No. 1 consists of rums from the three old classic stills, Enmore Still, Port Mourant Still and Uitvlugt Still.

Enmore Still is a Wooden Continuous Coffey Still, and is today the last fully functional example of its kind. Enmore Still is identical to the very first continuous still, designed and patented by Aeneas Coffey in 1832. The device is the original and last remaining still from the Enmore Sugar Estate, founded nearly 200 years ago, by Edward Henry Porter. Since 1880, the Enmore Still has been producing a medium-bodied rum with a mild, fruit and licorice-like profile, and the unique taste of the rum can in part be credited the wooden sides found on the tall still.

Port Mourant Still is a Double Wooden Pot Still which originates from the plantation of the same name, founded in 1732. The device has previously been installed at the Uitvlugt Estate, but was moved to Diamond Distillery in 2000, where it can be found today. The unique copper-necked pot is appreciated by rum experts, as a very heavy and aromatic, and not least flavorful rum. The old Green Heartwood, which forms the framework for the pots, plays a key role in the development of the distinctive flavor characteristics that characterize rums from the Port Mourant Still. The element Port Mourant rum is vital in Alta Gama Rum and contributes to creating a taste profile with a wide spectrum of flavors.

In Alta Gama Rum, we also find rums from the original Continuous Metal Savalle Still, which is called Uitvlugt Still. The device is inherited from Uitvlught Estate dating back to the 18th century. The rum produced by this still is characterized by having a sweet cane sugar nose, combined with a dry and medium-bodied flavor profile.

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