5-15 YEARS


0 g/L


0,7 L

This fine spectrum of rums has been aged from 5 to 15 years in the tropics of Guyana. The blend consists of aged molasses-based rums distilled by the three iconic stills; Port Mourant, Enmore & Uitvlugt. The rums are matured in ex-bourbon barrels of American white oak. 0 g/L of sugar has been added to this rum. It’s a dry rum with notes of burned Demerara sugar, liquorice, orange peel and a hint of oak. Alta Gama Single Blended Guyana Rum truly captures the heart and soul of authentic Guyanese rum.

Within the range of Alta Gama Rum Series No. 1, you can discover four rums with different amounts of added sugar. The Brut Nature Edition has 0 grams added, the Extra-Sec has 15 grams added, the Sec has 25 grams and the Demi-Sec holds 35 grams of sugar. It’s the same blend of rum with different amounts of added sugar. Alta Gama Rum Series No. 1 truly illuminates the influence of the sugar addition to rum in general. You can decide the level of sweetness for yourself.

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