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This rum originates from El Salvador in Central America. It was distilled in a continuous column still back in 2009 at an undisclosed distillery. After that it was matured for nine years on sight and then shipped to England for further maturation. This rum has aged for a total of 11 years and has been bottled as a single cask rum at cask strength at 66 % ABV. There is only bottled 270 copies of this beautiful beast.

ESSENTIA 1 is the first single cask series by Alta Gama Rum. The series contains three single cask rums from Barbados, Venezuela and El Salvador. Each one is bottled at cask strength with no added sugar, color or water, which highlights the natural flavours of matured rum.

This rum has a light citrus sent on the nose alongside with dried apricot, burned caramel, heavy vanilla and milk chocolate.  On the pallet you will get a lot of flavours here amongst vanilla, toffee, dried fruits and a light roasted touch.

Try this nice and undisturbed rum and experience the true essence of El Salvador.

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